Registration of a newborn child

The register office of the local authority association of Birkenfeld is located inside the town hall in Schneewiesenstrasse 21, 55765 Birkenfeld.

The birth of a child

The birth of a child must be registered at the register office within one week. In the case of a hospital birth, the duty of registration is incumbent on the body that owns/operates the hospital.

Otherwise, the following persons are duty-bound to register a birth in the sequence listed below:

  • Either parent of the child as long as he/she has custody of the child,
  • Any other person who was present at the birth or who, based on his/her own knowledge, is informed of the birth. This group includes in particular doctors and midwives.

The child is registered at the register office of Birkenfeld/Nahe in Schneewiesenstraße 21, 55765 Birkenfeld.

For this purpose, the following documents must be submitted:

  • If the child’s parents are married to one another:
    their birth certificates and their marriage certificate or a certified print-out of the marriage register
  • If the child’s parents are not married to one another:
    the birth certificate of the mother and, if paternity has been acknowledged, the corresponding declarations, the birth certificate of the father as well as the declarations of custody as and when required
  • An identity card, passport or passport substitute of both parents

If you submit foreign documents, you need to ensure that they comply with certain requirements if used in Germany.

A great deal can be sorted out and organised long before the birth.

Please contact Ms. Geibel or Mr. Alles in good time to obtain the necessary information!

Why not give us a call? We would be pleased to provide any information concerning the necessary documents over the telephone.

Star children

Since May 15, 2013, the option of registering so-called “star children” at the register office and obtaining the corresponding certificate has been available. Star children are all children who did not show any sign of life and weighed less than 500 grams at birth.

This means that, in the event of a live birth, the parents who have custody of the child or the mother who has custody of the child can register the birth of the child at the register office of Birkenfeld/Nahe. The birth is registered verbally by the mother or the parents, who must submit the following documents:

  • Doctor’s certificate of the miscarriage / entry in the mother’s pregnancy log (“Mutterpass”)
  • If the mother is married: identity card of the parents and marriage certificate
  • If the mother is unmarried: identity card of the mother and, if available, an acknowledgement of paternity plus the identity card of the father.

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